Welcome to my blog, The Servant Scribe.  A few notes about my blog and about myself:
The Blog
A scriptorium is a room where writing is both actively accomplished and stored away for later use.  I describe this blog as my “personal scriptorium” because I intend to use this digital “room” to write and house many of my thoughts, reflections, lists, and weekly journal entries.  While the content I intend to write may evolve over time, I imagine that most of my posts will revolve around my grappling with serious issues like God, Truth, and justice, while also delving into my less-than-serious musings on my interests, such as books, films, and sports.   If you are interested in my studies on literacy, rhetoric and composition, check out my more academically-bent blog Red Notebook.
I hope something here interests you, and if so, please feel free to comment and respond and I will do my best to continue the conversation.
I am a follower of Jesus who lives in Orlando, FL with my beautiful wife, Hannah Marie.  By day I teach English at an inner-city high school and by night I work towards completing my Master’s in Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Central Florida.
When I am not involved in educating others or myself I am usually on a basketball court, reading a good book, or watching a good movie.  I like pepperoni pizza and Chik-fil-a, I am a Tolkien aficionado, I sing a lot, and I want to tell great stories with both my pen and my life.

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